Meet the Brothers


Zak Higson

Zak found his love for wine in college, working as wine specialist.  After graduating and earning his CPA license he began working in the financial sector.  The love of great food and wine had always been a part of Zak's life; eventually he, Grant, and Nate put their experience and resources together to open The Barrel Room.  He remained in the financial world for a few years at a fortune 500 Company unitl he was finally able to fulfill the master plan of running the co-owned companies. After a brief stint to get Brothers Provisions open in 2012 and acting General Manager, Zak now spends his time with Nate, Grant, and numerous other members of the team growing 3LB Restaurant Concepts.

Grant Tondro

Grant brings many years of experience as a wholesaler of wine and spirits to restaurants throughout San Diego County.  After a few years working for a national bank, his passion for hospitality brought him back and he, Zak and Nate put their dream into action, opening The Barrel Room in Rancho Bernardo.  The floodgates were opened, with Urge Gastropub following, where Grant held the role of General Manager.  Grant now spends his time working on growing the 3LB concepts with Zak, Nate, and numerous other members of our team.  

Nate Higson

Nate grew up in hospitality, beginning his career with Pat & Oscar's in San Diego.  His hard work and talents brought him all the way to the GM position there, before he transitioned to co-owner and General Manager of The Barrel Room in 2007.  Nate continued in this role for many years, overseeing the growth not only of The Barrel Room, but the company as a whole.  He now lives in Boise, ID, but spends much of his time here in San Diego managing the continued growth of the 3LB Restaurant Group.

Photo: Spark Photography / 92128 Magazine

Photo: Spark Photography / 92128 Magazine

Our Story

Since their days back at Vons, Zak and Grant had kicked around the idea of opening up a bottle shop. A unique place that had an amazing selection of beer and wine accompanied by chef prepared food in a comfortable community atmosphere. It seemed like a perfectly good idea to throw some artisan cheese and charcuterie into the mix. Might as well build up some killer sandwiches while we’re at it. 

Well, we never do anything on a small scale. All of this turned into what is now Brothers Provisions. We have over 100 types of artisan cheese and nearly 400 different beers to choose from. We put up 15 tap handles so you could have some beer to go with your sandwich too. We’re in the process of adding a pizza oven and a killer coffee bar to the mix too (Mason Coffee Works). It is adult food Disneyland and we have something for everyone.